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Innovative Learning Week (16-20 Feb 2015) – Digital Footprint Competition

The ILW competition is now closed. Thank you to all who entered.

During ILW (16-20 Feb), there will be a question each day on the topic of social media/digital footprint. The questions will be published via the Digital Footprint blog, Facebook and Twitter. Answer all 5 questions and submit your answer via the Google form (found and you could win one of two £10 book tokens.

Eligibility: University of Edinburgh staff and students.




The ‘you have found a foot’ competition is now closed. Thank you to all who entered.

The winners are:

  • Won Maung Thein – Social Work
  • Martyn Peters – Digital Education
  • Anita Tolpinrud – Conservation Medicine
  • Nick Hood – Education

education second life


There were also some in Second Life.


On-campus feet: The following images show some locations where feet were hidden.

Central_Law_Reception_20140926_162150_sm2  Moray_1st floor_20140930_082927_s  Central_IAD_reception_20140923_092805_s  KB_jcmb_cafe_20140926_121829_s

ML_sips_20140924_112745_s  KB_sip_20140926_115646_s  Vets_noticeboard_s  printing services   KB_Blackwells_20140926_122153_s

ECA_J17_20140929_144917_s     Vets_Library20140926_091515_s  divinity_s_copier  appleton_s