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Digital Detox

BBC News (4 Aug 2016) published Net overload ‘sparks digital detox for millions of Britons’, socialmedia
which highlighted how many of us are taking a detox from our digital devices.



Professional Bodies Guidelines

There are eprofessionlism wordlevarious professional bodies which have social media/digital footprint/online etiquette guidelines.  Depending on your discipline, students may need to comply with these guidelines while at university. Following the guidelines now will ensure you are best placed for when you leave university. Some of the guidelines you may need to consider are below (but there are likely to be others)

Tell us whether you have looked at any professional bodies’ guidelines

Privacy and Apps

PrivacyDo you stop and think before accepting the terms & conditions of an app? Most of us don’t but it might surprise you that the terms & conditions could be accessing a lot of your personal data. The following short videos highlight this.

  • #Privacy Project (27 Jan 2015) “Some of the most popular apps on your smartphone ask for permissions that expose data to outside” (2mins)
  • Video: Why digital app T&Cs fail in the real world (8 Jan 2015). “If your APP was a shop assistant”; This video is in Danish with English subtitles. It humorously makes the point that apps collect information that we would not willingly give to a stranger if they asked us the same questions in the real world (~2mins)


What social media do you use?

LibraryPop_20141003_111454_sSome students completed our poll at the Pop-Up Library today. We would like to hear what social media you use. Complete our quick poll.