What is your digital footprint?

It’s the data you leave behind when you go online. It’s what you’ve said, what others have said about you, where you’ve been, images you’re tagged in, personal information, social media profiles and much more. Find out how to manage your digital footprint.

From September 2015, ‘Digital Footprint’ is a service for all staff and students, providing resources, advice and workshops on managing an effective online presence (digital footprint).

In 2014-2015 – On 29 September 2014 the ‘managing your digital footprint’ campaign launched. The campaign is for all students (UG, PGT, ODL, PhD researchers) and is being led by the Institute for Academic Development in collaboration with EDINA, the Careers Service, EUSA, Information Services, and other University departments.

There were competitions (win a Kindle, book tokens and more), activities, workshops, resources and advice throughout 2014-2015, which focus on how to create and manage a positive online presence (digital footprint), which could assist with:

  • professional networking
  • finding the right job
  • collaborating with others
  • keeping safe online
  • managing your privacy and the privacy of others
  • how to set up effective social media profiles
  • using social media for research and impact

Amber Miro Award Submission 2015: An Overview of the Campaign

For more information visit www.ed.ac.uk/iad/digitalfootprint or find us on
Blog: https://uoedigitalfootprint.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @UoEDigitalFoot #UoEDF
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uoedigitalfootprint


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Page last updated: 18 Nov 2015


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