Social Media Guidance for Vets & Vet Nurses

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) published social media guidance for vets and vet nurses. socialmedia

“Forming a new chapter of supporting guidance to the College’s Code of Professional Conduct, it sets out the professional standards expected of veterinary professionals, as well as providing advice on good practice, how to protect privacy, maintaining client confidentiality and dealing with adverse comments from clients.”

“The new guidance outlines the responsibilities expected of vets and vet nurses to behave professionally offline, online as themselves or online in a virtual capacity. Demonstrably inappropriate behaviour on social media may place registration at risk, as the professional standards expected online are no different to those in the ‘real world’.”

Key areas covered:

  • Protecting your privacy
  • Good practice when using social media
  • Maintaining client confidentiality

Further information and link to the guidances can be found on the RCVS website

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