Workshop: Digital Footprints lab – explore your tracks and traces

  • 22 April 2015 (14.00-15.30)
  • 29 April 2015 (13.30-15.00)

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Join us for one of our labs on Managing your Digital Footprint. We will explsocialmediaore our own digital tracks and traces (on your choice of machines in the computer lab or your own devices) and discuss what we find. We will then look at ways to curate an online identity/presence, including some expert advice on best practices.

Everyone is welcome and we hope that by the end of the session you will have had a chance to reflect on your own digital footprint and consider how you’d like to manage your digital identity in the future.

The session will be very informal and interactive as we want this to be about you sharing your own experience as well as learning from the social media experts that will be leading the labs.

Research note:footprint We will be capturing notes and audio from the discussions – and you will be asked to consent to this. We will treat your comments and discussion with respect. Notes and transcripts from the audio will be fully anonymised before feeding into our research associated with the Managing your digital footprint project.

Further information about managing your digital footprint can be found