Privacy Online – Top Tips

The Digital Fosocialmediaotprint Campaign is focusing on privacy this month. We all know what we should do but do we do it?

Listen to the podcast on managing your digital footprint and privacy (Nicola Osborne – EDINA)

Top Tips

  1. Don’t post stupid stuff, and don’t be afraid to delete it if you do
  2. Check your privacy settings
  3. Don’t freak out: Name sakes, late night posts, dodgy friends
  4. Get rid of the bad and share the good
  5. Untag, take down, complain
  6. Avoid trolls
  7. Avoid copyright issues
  8. Change passwords, use different passwords for different platforms
  9. Read the terms & conditions when you sign up to new platforms
  10. Don’t break the law by sharing inappropriate/libel content
  11. Think about your privacy and the privacy of others
  12. What does your digital footprint look like?

What is your digital footprint? It’s the data you leave behind when you go online. It’s what you’ve said, what others have said about you, where you’ve been, images you’re tagged in, personal information, social media profiles and much more.