Competition hints

There are a number of ‘you have found a foot’ posters around campus. There are also a you have found a footnumber of ‘you have found a foot’ images on various University web pages, Facebook pages and blogs. All this week, there will be hints about where to find them, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook and here!

Find at least 5 (all on campus, all online, or both) and enter the competition for an opportunity to win a Kindle*.  This blog includes the image, so only 4 more to find!

You might also want to look at the competitions tab, as there are photos of where they might be found on campus

The competition will take place from 29 Sept-31 Oct 2014. Winners will be notified by email by 15 November 2014.

To enter, please complete the online form on the campaign page

Eligibility: You must be a matriculated University of Edinburgh student (undergraduate, postgraduate, online distance learner, PhD researcher).

*Prizes are kindly funded by the Student Experience Project.